180*44mm Delineator DRA-YW


Reflection sheet adopts German optical mould processing and the materials use Japanese PMMA; the frame undergoes 1.5 mm steel processing, and heat or cold galvanized zinc spray treatment. 

1. Waveform-beam steel rails delineator sign is installed inside the slot in the middle of waveform beam steel rails and the backplane is fixed on the connecting bolt of the steel rails; 

2. Concrete guardrail delineator is installed on the side wall of concrete guardrail and the rear backplane is fixed by anchor bolt; 

3. Delineator should be laid continuously and symmetrically; the reflector of delineator on the left of the traffic direction is yellow while the reflector of delineator on the right of the traffic direction is white; 

4. The layout spacing between delineators is determined by curve radius of the route.

Product description